Taking Stock: August 2017

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Just like July, August was CHOCK FULL of events for us, so I'm not even gonna do a huge intro, just gonna jump right into the August awesomeness...

August was full of LOTS of adventures, especially for me and Miss Jess, as Christopher was in a show this month and was often out of the house at rehearsals and performances.  We went to a giant IKEA, a farm full of sunflowers, and even made a giant slip-n-slide in our backyard with my friends!  It was an awesome month of fun, for sure.

I also attended my friend Jenny's phenomenal Bachelorette party (THERE WAS A BABY THERE!  It was perfect).  We had an amazing time all hanging out, going swimming, staying up until the wee hours, and just enjoying each other's company. I'm so stoked for her wedding at the end of September!

Jess started 8th grade this month!  (EIGHTH GRADE?!  EXCUSE ME?!?)  She had a great first day, thank goodness, and I'm excited to see all of the awesomeness she accomplishes this year!

And probably the biggest thing in our world --- we finished getting out of debt! (For some tips on how we made it happen, check out this post)  We were super stoked to finish before our second wedding anniversary and we just can't wait to continue moving forward with financial goals for our family!

OKAY, now let's take stock!...

Making: my own iced coffee at home and it's been delicious! (Don't worry, I still love my Dunkins!)
Cooking: so much RICE for some reason. No idea why, but I've just been loving it lately.
Drinking: take a guess....... was your guess iced coffee?  Yup, nailed it.
Reading: Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze. It's about good money habits and contentment in a social media world. Loving it so far!
Wanting: nothing, honestly. Things are awesome!
Looking: at the lists next to my computer - I'm a total list maker. Are you? I just love 'em because I like to be able to physical cross things off when I'm finished with them!
Playing: a blogging Spotify playlist.
Wishing: there were more hours in the day (what else is new, right?)
Watching: Lie To Me over again with Jess. I've seen this show all the way through at least three times and IT IS SO GOOD, you guys!  Seasons two and three are on Netflix, but they took season one off for some unknown reason.  If you can get your hands on it, definitely do, it's so good!
Enjoying: organizing my files and listening to awesome music.
Waiting: for our second wedding anniversary!!  So soon!
Liking: how much the air is already starting to smell like fall!
Wondering: how my glasses manage to get so dirty, so quickly!
Loving: my 'crisp in the fall' sweatshirt from Blair Lamb Design (I have it in vintage navy) - I got this sweatshirt last year and wore it A TON - I've been so looking forward to be able to bust it out again!
Hoping: Chris and I have a lovely second anniversary.
Marveling: at how blessed I really am.
Needing: new autumn-scented candles for the new season!
Smelling: iced coffee and crisp fall air!
Wearing: the sweatshirt above and some plaid jammie pants (similar)
Noticing: what a beautiful day it is!
Knowing: things are gonna be alright.
Thinking: of our wedding, my friends' upcoming weddings, and how much I love love.
Feeling: Content. Snuggly. Excited.

What about you? How did your August go?  
I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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