Second Year of Marriage Video!

Christopher and I had our second wedding anniversary last month, and it was AWESOME!  

And, just like last year, we were able to record a video on how this year of marriage has been. We used the questions from last year, which we originally found on this post by Blair (and her husband Riley!) of Blair Blogs.

When we filmed last year, we had LOADS of technical issues and this year was similar - it took us almost three weeks after our official anniversary to get this filmed (and it's in a super dimly lit room that was EXTREMELY HOT) but we made it work and I'm super happy we did!

As far as film quality and the like, this is not our greatest video, but honestly I'm just so happy to have this for the future - it was super fun to watch the first one over again and I'm sure this one will be no exception in the years to come - shoddy quality be damned!

So without further ado --- our Second Year of Marriage video!!!  We are so stoked about this and I'm so glad we've made this a tradition in our relationship. <3 

Watch it on youtube here or below! It's about a half an hour, so you may want to grab a refreshment before you dive in ;)

(Oh!  And if you'd like to see the Pioneer Woman & Scary Child Statue, here it is!)

Do you have any wedding traditions that you love?  Check out my post on our yearly anniversary traditions, and share yours below!!!

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