Hello!  I'm Grady, a twenty-something New Hampshire native who enjoys reading, eating tons of ice cream, and listening to financial management podcasts (no, seriously).

I live with my husband Christopher and stepdaughter, an amazing 11-year-old young lady, J, who can draw a cat better than I'll ever be able to.

I spend the majority of my time working at a moving company (which, much like Dunder Mifflin, sounds like the most boring job in the world but is actually amazing).
Otherwise, I'm mostly performing in or stage managing local theatrical productions or making youtube videos alone in my house.

I love to laugh, sing, and wear ridiculous costumes.
I will high-five you anytime, anywhere.
Welcome to my blog.


  1. Yes. Love this. Everything about this. And you especially. <3

  2. Grady, from reading your About Me section, I have deduced that we should be friends. Let's make it happen. ;-) Seriously though, I am thrilled to find another Theatre gal who blogs and loves Jesus! Yay!

  3. Grady, I like you :) I'm excited to read more of your blog! We have a lot in common! Thanks so much for coming and visiting my blog too!


  4. Hi Grady! Your blog is darling! I hope moving is going well for you - it can be messy, messy, messy